TinyMCE Rich Text Editor

TinyMCE is a platform independent web based Javascript HTML WYSIWYG editor. It allows non-technical users to format content without knowing how to code. This release was done as a companion project for the https://a11y.modx.com to provide an accessible RTE. It is based on the TinyMCE 4 code base.


Feature HighlightsEasy mailing and newsletter creation: newsletter HTML body based on single MODX templates or plain-text.Automatic Bounce Handling: GoodNews can automatically handle bouncing emails and disable or remove inactive subscribers.Scheduled sending: send newsletters at a scheduled time.Flexible groups and categories: manage your subscribers in highly flexible groups and/or categories of interests.MODX context support: support of multiple MODX contexts and mailing containers within each…

User Import

An extra to easily import users into the MODX user database and batch assign MODX user groups and roles. The importer accepts data files in CSV format. Automatically assigns User Groups and Roles during import and validates your import data to prevent inconsistent user objects.Feature HighlightsWith User Import it's very easy to batch import users into the user database of MODX.All fields of the user object are supported!Choose one or more User Groups and a Role and User Import will automatically…


PDFresource is a MODX Revolution extra that converts resources to PDF files on saving or on viewing the resource using mPDF (http://www.mpdf1.com/). The options for the generated PDF could be set in MODX system settings and on resource base in the value of a template variable.For full details see the documentation.This project is hosted on GitHub: https://github.com/Jako/PDFResource


SwitchTemplate changes the template of a MODX resource on the fly with a request parameter. Different settings with different setting keys could be set in a custom manager page.With each setting a different template could be used to output the resource. As well the template type could be set to chunk or template. If the template type is chunk the resource variables and template variables are prepared as placeholder before the chunk is parsed. The caching of the output of SwitchTemplate could be enabled…


It's a middlewares emulator based on classes for MODx Revolution. But not only. In addition you can use class-based listeners instead of usual plugins.See documentation.


SiteDash Client is a companion to the SiteDash service, by modmore. SiteDash gives you an overview of all your MODX sites, including information about your installed MODX version and installed extras, server details, and key configuration. The SiteDash Client package facilitates the secure communication between SiteDash and your site. If SiteDash detects a potential problem, it also sends you an alert via email and the built-in Action Center. Alerts include, for example:Core folder left unprotectedSetup…


Integration web-site with RetailCRMmore info on modstore.pro


Removing jQuery as a hard dependency


A MODX plugin that allows PDFs to be searched. Just save a static resource with a PDF!The plugin automatically changes the Content Type to application/pdf and sets the template to 0.  It then extracts the text of the PDF and sets it in the introtext field, so that SimpleSearch can find it!If you have a lot of PDFs you can use this in combinations with Collections to create a PDF Collections area. The advantage of using PDFs in Static Resources is you can update them without breaking links. Please…