For new Resources in MODX, you can set a future publication date so that the new content won't appear until that date, but sometimes you want to stage changes to an existing Resource and not have the changes appear until a future date. That's exactly what StageCoach does for you.StageCoach creates a "staged" version of the Resource that will replace the original at the specified date and time.  All you need to do is set the date in the "Stage Date" TV.


2.4.2 (24.06.2017)=============- [#16] Fixed links to the fonts in CSS.2.4.1 (22.04.2017)=============- Updated pdoTools version in the installer- Add Solar Bootswatch themes2.4.0 (11.10.2016)=============- Updated pdoTools version in the installer- Updated MinifyX version in the installer- jQuery 1.12.4- Bootstrap 3.3.7- Updated Bootswatch themes


cssSweet is a suite of tools for processing (S)CSS. It comes with several output modifiers to modify CSS values, and a plugin that concatenates and processes (S)CSS from specified Chunks and outputs to a minified CSS file. version 2+ also concatenates and minifies JS with a 2nd plugin.The documentation site is here: well as here: (this one needs updating)Example Use Cases- Use system or context settings to store primary…


PDFresource is a MODX Revolution extra that converts resources to PDF files on saving or on viewing the resource using mPDF ( The options for the generated PDF could be set in MODX system settings and on resource base in the value of a template variable.For full details see the documentation.This project is hosted on GitHub:


Loads a simple login/logout form, with password retrieval functionality and a register form snippet.See the Official Documentation here: bugs here:


This MODX Extra adds a custom manager page that allows you to create & maintain a list of explanations for key terms in your site. Entries into the glossary take the form of term => explanation where term is the phrase being described and explanation is the description of said term.


MODX simple updater


MODX plugin to add a JSON Feed to your site with Template Variables to customize the feed per resource.


Image+ is an advanced image custom template variable type for MODx Revolution. The dimensions for the uploaded image can (optionally) be configured to constrain a minimal width and/or height. The image crop could be forced to remain at a pre-set ratio. A graphical tool could be used to crop the image to the required dimensions/proportions.Visual Image cropping tool integrated into the MODX manager interface.Option to constrain minimal width and/or height for the uploaded image.User image crop can…



1.1.9-pl==============- [#40] Improved javascript initialization of a form.1.1.8-pl==============- Updated jGrowl to version 1.4.5.