This MODX Extra adds a custom manager page that allows you to create & maintain a list of explanations for key terms in your site. Entries into the glossary take the form of term => explanation where term is the phrase being described and explanation is the description of said term.

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added the authors attribute to be able to select posts by authors* improved documentation on github


Image+ is an advanced image custom template variable type for MODx Revolution. The dimensions for the uploaded image can (optionally) be configured to constrain a minimal width and/or height. The image crop could be forced to remain at a pre-set ratio. A graphical tool could be used to crop the image to the required dimensions/proportions.Visual Image cropping tool integrated into the MODX manager interface.Option to constrain minimal width and/or height for the uploaded image.User image crop can…


RememberThis is small session based remembering snippet solution for MODX Revolution. It displays the session based list and a link to add elements to the list.The data added to the list could be retreived from MODX resources or from xPDO packages. If the added data is retreived from xPDO package, the row is referenced by the primary key of the class.Adding and removing elements from the list could be made by url params or by AJAX. A jQuery AJAX script is used by default.For full details and some…


With this MODX Revolution custom template variable two depending datepicker inputs could be used to insert a date range in a MODX resource. Contains also an output renderer and a snippet/output filter.For full details and some example configurations see the documentation.This project is hosted on GitHub:


Library of the helpfull functions for MODX. Available more than 50 functions and will be grow.# Send an emailemail('', 'Subject', 'Email content');email_user('admin', $subject, $content);  // To user# Check the user existenceif (user_exists(['email'=>'']) { // Exists }# Verify the emailif (!is_email($_POST['email']) { // Validation error }# Get the data from the cache$value = cache('key', 'my_data');# Get lexicon record$name = lang('language_key');# Redirect to the page…


Advanced 'Listbox' / 'Resource List' template variable type for MODx Revolution based on the SuperBoxSelect ExtJS Plugin. The template variable displays selected items (i.e. resources or other supported types) as labelled boxes within the form field. The resource(s) could be searched by autocomplete in the combo box. In the Input Options of the template variable are a lot of options available to i.e. restrict the selectable content etc.It has two great advantages over the default 'Listbox' / 'Resource…


Google Maps Custom Resource Class Extra for MODX Revolution.There is no need to use multiple template variables to achieve a similar result. LocationResources includes a slick drag and drop interface users will love.Both simple and customizable.


Console allow to execute php-code at back-end by simple interface.GitHub project: free ask any question on