FormIt is a dynamic form processing Snippet for MODX Revolution. It handles form creation, submission, performing validation and followup actions like sending an email and auto replies. Key features:Automatic validation and custom validator optionsAuto reply to visitor + email to owner(s)Multiple attachmentsSubmitted forms can be automatically saved and encrypted in the Formit componentSubmitted forms can be exported to CSV, based on filtersRedirect to thank-you pages for optimal tracking in your…


New Features -- No more extJS/modExt. No more dependence on the MODX TinyMCE extra. Uses the elFinder browser. Allows image editing (crop, rotate, resize) in browser. Loads TinyMCE 4 from  Automatically redirects to Login page for not-logged-in users. See changelog for full list.NewsPublisher presents a modifiable form for creating new resources and editing existing resources in the front end of a web site. The NpEditThisButton snippet is also included, which displays a button to launch…


Looked makes it possible to add to the site with the latest block of pages viewed (goods) by the user.All views are stored in the session.Ability to specify templates.Excluding the current page from the issuanceAt the request may return a resource IDTested on snippets: getResources, pdoResources, msProductsThis project is on GitHub: instructions for use:


Keeps you up to date with your MODX version information.WHAT'S NEW IN THIS VERSION?Updater now includes Managed Update Information, which warns you about security updates necessary for your system, and some bug fixes and tiny enhancements.PACKAGE CONTENTUpdater contains a dashboard widget which shows to you both the update status of the core and of your packages enriched with Managed Version Information from Also included is a mail notifier which can send notifications about core updates,…


2.0.4 pl==============- Fixed possible "No provider ID specified" message in the system log.- Updated HybridAuth library to version pl==============- Improved the handling of exceptions.- Fixed debug mode.


Shows one chunk to logged-in users and another to everyone else. Optionally sets username, user full name, or user first name as a placeholder for use in the chunk, or anywhere else on the page below the Personalize snippet tag.Can also show one chunk to specific users selected by ID or User Group and another chunk to everyone else.


EMails an HTML version of any resource with inline CSS code based on your CSS in files, resources, or chunks. The plugin is attached to the OnWebPagePrerender System Event and acts when the resource is previewed from the Manager.Bulk emailing of the resource is now supported, as is tag-based sending, which can be used in conjunction with the Subscribe package.This extra would not exist without the generous support of WorkDay Media

Facebook Integration

Fixed a bug with php version 7

UniSender Integration

Unisender 1.7.5====================================1. Change api protocol to https2. Added identification parametr for api connection3. Fix several bugs in lang file



This extra allow use simple api for send notifies into chat rooms or users in Slack service using incoming-webhooks.Usage instructions represented in readme file on GitHub: